The Process

Silicon Prairie Solutions is committed to helping our partners identify and maximize value in their organization and delivering that to our clients’ customer-base.  We follow a common process regardless of the size of the organization and engagement.

Start with Why

By first understanding the value proposition of our clients  and what their goals are we are able to check for alignment to these goals in everything we do.  This helps us focus our energy into things that will maximize the value to our clients.  It also assists in keeping the organization from getting distracted by the latest market trend or trying to do too much.

Identify the Desired Outcomes

Once the organizational goals have been identified we work to weigh the various outcomes that will help achieve the goals.  By working toward specific outcomes we are able to limit the work in process (WIP) associated with the change being introduced; enhancing its chances for success.

Define the Practices and Skills that Will Support These Outcomes

We then consider the current organizational skill sets and practices against those needed to achieve the desired outcomes.  While we measure these skills and practices against industry best practices, Silicon Prairie Solutions is careful to make sure that we meet the system where it is at and that our recommended road map is sustainable for the teams under consideration.

Establish the Road Map

After taking the time to understand the organization’s goals, desired outcomes and needed practices and skills; Silicon Prairie Solutions collaborates with our clients to develop a road map for change that addresses the many factors associated with any change initiative (I.E schedule, budget, market conditions, work force, technology, etc)

This road map becomes a rolling wave plan that is reviewed and updated on a regular basis as we help implement it via coaching, training and consulting.  Through regularly scheduled check in’s our clients are able to ensure that they are heading in the right direction, and if not, we can update the road map accordingly.