Agile | Lean Services

Silicon Prairie Solutions is willing to work with you to create a solution that will fit your needs.  Every organization is different and every team has unique characteristics.  We work with your team to create a shared understanding of what your goals are.  We then establish the agreed outcomes that will support those goals.  From these outcomes we are able to create a truly customized, sustainable plan suited for your needs.

Agile Lean Assessment

Change is never easy. To give our partners’ Agile | Lean journeys the greatest chance for success we begin every engagement with our customized assessment process. The assessment clearly defines the “what” and the “why” of the endeavor, giving you the best chance of success when it comes to implementation (the “how”).

Why Start with the SPS Agile Assessment?

Over the last fifteen years, Silicon Prairie Solutions has observed several critical factors that contribute to the successful implementation of Lean and Agile principles and practices. These apply regardless of the magnitude of the change; from introducing Scrum to a single team to evolving the software development life cycle of an entire enterprise. Three of these factors are:

  1. Change doesn’t happen in a vacuum.
  2. The presence of a deliberate, well communicated plan for change does not guarantee success. Its absence significantly increases the probability of failure.
  3. All change must be able to be supported and sustained by the organization in transition. It must fit the organization.

The SPS Agile Assessment process delivers a roadmap for closing the gap between each client’s self-defined success factors and their current situation.

How Does the SPS Agile Assessment Process Work?

We use a combination of interviews, surveys, observations, and data analysis to create a picture of where our clients are today and better define where they want to be tomorrow.  This process can take a couple of days to several weeks, depending on the size of the  organization and the magnitude of the proposed changes. We work closely with our clients to create a schedule that maximizes information gathering while minimizing the disruption to the team.

What are the Deliverables of the SPS Agile Assessment Process?

The specific content is unique for each client. Included in the deliverables is:

  • Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat analysis of our findings
  • A proposed change plan and road map including recommended activities (e.g. training, coaching, organizational evolution), critical milestones, and budgetary forecasts for implementing the plan.

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Custom Training

One of the critical steps in building alignment and supporting the overall execution of  an Agile | Lean change initiative is ensuring everyone has the same understanding of the process.  If there are different definitions, expectations, and understandings amongst those involved, it’s a fairly safe bet that frustration and confusion will result.  To address this, Silicon Prairie Solutions helps clarify the necessary continuing education needed at different levels of the organization.

  • Team

Typical focus at the team level involves a solid understanding of Agile.  With the use of Scrum and XP practices, we strive to help the teams continuously deliver value and maximize adaptability.   Team training also focuses on the accountability and ownership of the work that the teams do.

  • Program

Training at the program level (between the team and portfolio) involves both Lean and Agile bodies of knowledge.  We strive to establish alignment between the team and portfolio levels.  Prioritization across the different lines of business is also important.    Lean leadership is another key understanding that is important at the program level.

  • Portfolio

Portfolio level training is heavily influenced in Lean Systems thinking.  Creating and communicate strategic vision, value stream improvement, overall fiduciary responsibility and planning are some topics we consider critical.  Lean leadership is also important as the portfolio level typically has an overarching influence on the organization’s culture.

Systems Coaching

Companies that have formed stable teams often look for the next step.  Silicon Prairie Solutions considers the next step to include building high performing teams.   Our experience tells us that such teams don’t typically need practices or classroom training.  Rather they need experiential exercises and opportunities to grow the system intelligence of the group.

Silicon Prairie Solutions utilizes the Organizational Relationships Systems Coaching approach grow socially intelligent, high perform teams.  By harnessing the potential of the teams we are able to help organizations realize significant improvements in their value delivery, associate happiness, quality, and other key areas.