Agile and Lean Coaching

Who Is This For

Agile and Lean coaching is designed for companies with development teams who have a working knowledge of Agile and Lean and are looking to translate that training into day to day behaviors. 

Our typical clients include companies of 50 – 500 people with a development team.

Types of coaching

  • Coaching for devs
  • Coaching for managers
  • Coaching for execs
  • Coaching for teams


Problems it will help them solve

who want to do better predictability (budget and schedules) better quality, attract and retain better talent, faster time to market, quicker adaptability.

Want to translate training into operational behaviors. Theory into Implementation

Reinforcement through …. (continuing education)


Tailored to the appropriate level of the organization and ideally has specific activities\outcomes identified.  

FTE person or fractional, we work with individuals in client organizations and ‘teach them how’ to lead the various ceremonies and practices

Scrum Master

Program Manager


Agile Manager


How it Works

After assessment and training, we solidify and deepen the learnings by working with the client organizations.   Beyond consulting in that it requires drawing from multiple bodies of knowledge and experiences.

We meet in person every other week to discuss….


This is part of the shift from an implementation to a transformation (consulting to coaching).  We’ll offer consulting at present but would like to focus on transformations in the future.


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